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Sealed Bag

  • Product description: Sealed Bag is from Aquaculture cage Factory that is a professional Oyster Mesh,Oyster Growing Bag,Foam Float Bag,Oyster Seedling Bag,Sealed Bag,Flip farm basket,Oyster Farm Equipment,Earth Anchors,Alu

Sealed Bags
The bags are pre-sealed on one end and tubular. Growing oysters in bags  has become the technology of choice in most countries, given the quality as well as the quantity of oysters obtained, at very competitive costs. Baoheng  has been present in this market since its beginning, providing solutions and working directly with customers.
Except the two end open oyster mesh bag,we also can offer oyster mesh bag with one end sealed,one end closed by hog rings.
Used to grow clams on the bottom without need for predation netting. yet eliminating most predation losses. Also used in the above-ground oyster growout system to raise individual oysters for the "half-shell" market.

Features / benefits:
The bags help to save time and money with one end permanently sealed.
Material : HDPE
Width : 0.5m
Standard Length :1 m
Mesh size : 4mm , 5mm , 9mm, 10mm , 14mm , 16mm . If you need other kinds of mesh size , we also can manufacture it for you .
Weight /PC : 360g -900g / PC
Edge treatment : Hot press  .
Color: Generally speaking , the color is white and black .The other color , we also can do it .
Using:It is major in aquaculture ,specially for the oyster .it has no pollution ,Corrosion-resistant and other characteristics .

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